2 Quick Ways To Get Your Website Ranked Higher On Google

  • January 4, 2014
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google-pagerankShowing up on the primary page of Google is necessary for any small business to increase sales and profits.

However, Google has recently created changes to how they are showing search results from your search terms.

Here are a few ways to help give your website a boost in Google’s search rankings.

1) Setup a Google Plus Business/Local Account

Have you noticed that generally you get an inventory of addresses and a map once you search on Google? These are Google Plus local/business listings.

Google Plus local/business is a web directory of local businesses. These days, once you use Google to look for local businesses, several of the primary results are Google Plus local business listings instead of websites. Therefore, it’s crucial that you’re business has a Google Plus local account.

Google automatically created many Google Plus Local listings by pulling data from small business websites, so it’s possible that your business already has a listing. In this case, you need to make sure that the contact information is correct.

Google has already pulled and created many Google Plus local/business listings from existing websites, so your business may already be listed therefor all you need to do is double check all the information for that listing is accurate.

To setup a Google Plus local listing or update your contact info, click here.

2) Begin Blogging

Blogging has become even more necessary if you wish your business website ranked higher within search engines. This can be the case for a few reasons.

First, since the recent Google updates, Google currently ranks websites higher in search results if they are often updated with new content.   Google checks your website daily/weekly to see how often your website is updated.  If your website keeps getting updated then Google believes that you are active and providing content that is valuable.

Second, these days, folks tend to look for additional specific things on Google than they would in previous years.   “Google It” has now become apart of our society and with the invention of the smartphone there has been a huge spike in search engine searches.

For instance, rather than searching for “lawn care services,” someone might search “how to properly seed your lawn in the fall.”  Your website homepage is not going to show up when somebody searches the second phrase; however, a blog post about lawn seed during the fall might.

Many people can still explore for “lawn care services,” but you are competing with thousands of other websites that have to deal with lawn care in your area. If you had a blog talking about your company/services it will allow your website to show up on Google when many other phrases are searched.

Besides being a Delaware Website Design company, we always make sure to get our clients websites ranked as high as possible within all the major search engines. Contact us today to find out how Delaware Creative can help your business.

Greg loves Website Design and Custom Web Development. He also spends hours reading up on the latest web trends & technologies and how he can implement them into all of Delaware Creative's projects.

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